About GingerRookes

Offering the gluten-free market a (delicious) taste of street food spoils to Horsham, Brighton and beyond..................

"Lets start a Corn Fritter Revoloution"

"Never Trust a Skinny Chef"

"some of the best moments in life happen when we are eating and drinking with the people we love"

My/Our Story
I've always been an admirer of food, be it cooking for others, eating in or dinning out with friends and family. I always knew I'd get involved in food at some point in my life.

I previously worked in the Insurance Sector for 15 years but in 2015 I decided to take a new career path and enter the  thriving industry of Street Food.  From then on the Chef life was for me. Be it 3 degrees or 30 degrees I love it out on the markets either way.  Just to see that smile of enjoyment on someone's face when they are tucking in to your food is what us chefs live for.

Our main aim was to offer the gluten-free (GF) market a (delicious) taste of street food spoils.

My menu differs throughout the year based on the seasons and what produce may or may not be thriving.  But my basis is the Unique GF Corn Fritter and serving that as a Veg/Vegan or Meat Box.

All of our meat is sourced locally from S K Hutchings, Partridge Green, Horsham (Butcher of the Year 2016 in the Sussex Food & Drinks Awards).

Our current foods on offer range from our slow cooked Beef Brisket (with a smoky cayenne/paprika kick) to the Hugely popular Greek Chicken Kebab to our Veg/Vegan option of a Shredded Spicy Jackfruit to seasonal and pop-up specials. We also specialise in our unique special recipe baked goods e.g. our Charcoal buns. 

Another of our passions is homemade sauces and food rubs. One of our sauces 'Jalavocado' has been entered into awards this year as the feedback from our customers was so great. We're now getting known for our banging sauces and silly sauce names, especially  on the Brighton Food Tours. Be it Jalavocado, Habanango or RhuBQ there's always fun to be had when creating a sauce and its name. My sauces and rubs are for sale in our  Shop

For some foodie pics please visit  Whats on the Menu

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