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This is our Great Taste Award Winning Sauce (see press release here)  This is the only sauce we've entered in to any awards so we were over the moon when it won a Gold Star. So now by popular demand it is available to buy here from our online shop. It is also available in person when we are in Horsham or Brighton at the Street Food markets. 
The Jalavocado has a beautiful fresh taste with a smooth chilli kick. A blend of Jalapeño, Avocado, onions, garlic,  coriander and parsley gives this sauce the edge over others. It is perfect with almost anything. Use it on a burger, in a sandwich, as a dip or even on your toast for breakfast.
These are bottled up fresh to order and priced at £3 a Bottle or 2 for £5. You can also combine the sauces with my others; RhuBQ, Habanango or with one of our secret herbs and spices Mezcla Herbs.

We sell these on an external site 'Etsy'; please follow the link to my shop here where you can find out more and purchase our sauces. 

Alternatively email me and we can either deliver locally or bring them down to Horsham Markets (Thursday) or Brighton Street Diner (Friday) for collection.

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